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 Hayden ATF Cooler - $178 with installation

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PostSubject: Hayden ATF Cooler - $178 with installation   Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:55 pm

The #1 cause of automatic transmission failures is overheated transmission fluid. Today's cars generate extremely high under-the-hood temperatures. Add to that the heat generated by an automatic transmission, and you'll see why adding an auxiliary transmission oil cooler is a must for guarding against costly transmission repair.

Automatic transmission fluid cools, lubricates and cleans transmission components. A transmission cooler is basically an auxiliary radiator that provides extra cooling for automatic transmission fluid. When transmission temperatures exceed 200° F, transmission fluid is strained to its limit. Overheated fluid won't properly protect transmission seals and moving parts. When oil temperatures exceed 200° F, oil breaks down, causing seals to crack and leaks to occur.

Installing a Hayden transmission oil cooler will help prevent transmission burnout. It's a small investment now that can save you on repair bills later. With each 20 degree drop in operating temperture, your oil and equipment life doubles. By reducing your transmission oil temperture as much as 60 degrees, a Hayden transmission oil cooler can greatly extend the life of your transmission.

Item can be purchase by SMS your contact to 97180831, I'll get back to you ASAP, Thank you!
Price: $178 with installation (include extra hose and Top up).

Q. Is there any maintenance for this cooler?
A. As this is an air cooled cooler, there is nothing you need to do after installation.

Q. Do I need to top up the ATF after installation?
A. Yes but not critical. You can do this at your next servicing. You will need about 200ml only.

Q. How long is the installation?
A. It will take about 2hrs for cars with bodykit. But steps are taken to shorten time required on every installation.

Q. What does it benefit me after installation?
A. ATF cooler helps to extend your transmission life span by cooling the ATF that has been heated up by the torque converter during stop-start traffic. This would prevent the ATF from turning into varnish, which is acidic, and sticky, which is why you see some ATF is brown in color and smells bad. Also when coming out of a traffic congestion, the car maintains its spirited character and is less likely to give that sluggish response.

Q. If I travel up North often, do I need an ATF cooler more than others?
A. Others needs an ATF cooler just as much as you do, if not more. Local traffic is just as bad as it is up North or at the causeway. But the need for an ATF cooler doesn’t comes from high speeds but from traffic congestion, traffic jams and common use of low gears for hill climbs and heavy load carrying (fully loaded). All these causes stress to the ATF as it is the only fluid that transmits torque to the wheel, cools the transmission and lubricates the gears. When heated up, all of these working factors lowers resulting in pre-mature failure of your transmission.

Q. I don’t need an ATF cooler if I change ATF every 10,000 or 20,000 km.
A. First of all, this is a wrong presumption. Second its not economically sound in financial terms. Third its totally senseless and illogical. The car itself comes with an ATF cooler that is cooled by your radiator water. Heat exchange is done and controlled by the temp of your radiator water. But this is only useful in countries with winter, also this type of cooler is cheaper to install and to purchase as its cost significantly lower to produce and does not need any R&D technology. If you don’t need an ATF cooler, then remove the factory installed cooler as well. Its obvious that a cooler is required, but factory does not customize to every countries needs. As it would be labor intensive, inventory intensive for spares and production. Thus the car would cost a lot more in general. Thus a 1 size fits all, which explains why are some other parts are commonly shared amongst other models. Cost effectiveness. Changing ATF at regular intervals only makes u spend more money unnecessarily. If as such you stand to loose out as eventually your transmission will still fail due to pre-mature worn on the gears.

Q. Can I install a larger cooler unit?

A. No! Coolers technology is not like buying a house or a TV, where bigger is better. Your transmission works on pressure, a larger cooler would mean lost of pressure and would result your torque converter to work harder to pump the ATF through the system. The distance of cooler to and back of the transmission, placement, the cooler size, cooling capacity and many other factors had to be taken into consideration and calculation. Don’t be fooled by silly statements of slap on the biggest cooler and I won’t go wrong. There is an application for every size and model produced.

Other side benefits:

1. Rubber seals, gears and transmission casing would have longer life as the PH level is lower.

2. ATF maintains its lubricity and is able to function its purpose properly.

3. Lowered transmission noise and vibrations.

4. Air con cuts in/out vibrations lowered

5. Better torque on low end, car rolls forward easily and less likely to roll back on MSCP slopes.

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Hayden ATF Cooler - $178 with installation
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